How to save video after rotoscoping

Hello everyone…new to mocha pro. I have gone through most of the tutorials but i can’t find one thing. I have a video of a person that is rotoscoped and i want to remove the background only and then save the video of the person without the background to use in another video. How do I select the background to delete it. Any suggestions or a tutorial specific to this……thank you.

Hi, is this the plugin version?
if it is after doing the work in Mocha, Save & Exit, then in your editing host whatever that is, the Mocha controls have Matte - Apply Matte, this will remove the background, you can invert it in the controls if you need to depending on if you rotoed the background or the person, then if you want to use that clip on another program you’ll have to render it with an alpha channel,
or you can render the rotoscoping from inside Mocha but the plugin version will only render out a black & white mask, you’ll have to then use that in your host project as an alpha mask with your orig file.,
If it’s the standalone version, after doing your rotoscoping, go to the insert tab, the timeline tracking buttons at the bottom of the screen will change to render controls, render the timeline & you can then File - Export rendered clip which will have an alpha channel,
Mary will correct me tho i’m sure & point you in the right direction if i’m wrong :joy::grin::+1:

This is great!..Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Have a great week.

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Hi, I’m just curious, did you work it out, were you using the plugin & in which host?

Good morning.

Yes I got it worked out. Thank you very much for the help I sincerely appreciate it. I am using the plugin. Mocha is really amazing.

Have a great day.

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