How to see Optics as a filter option in PS CC

Brand new and eager to explore offerings, however I’m not sure how to load Optics into PS so it’s a filter option.

Welcome @jennifer
What OS/version are you running?
Are running a recent version of PS CC?
Did you run the Optics installer?

Hi Marco! Excited to try Optics. Big Sur 11.2.3. PS CC up to date. Yes I loaded the optics installer.

When you run Photoshop, you should see the following entry in the PS > Filter menu.


Please note that if you are running an Apple Silicon M1 machine, you would need to run Photoshop in Rosetta emulation mode to use Optics since Optics is not M1 native yet.

Wasn’t visible, then it occurred to me…restart PS and likely it will recognize it–YUP!:wink:

Marco, Are there plans to make optics M1 native? I have the same problem in PS- Optics is not visible. Interestingly, In new M1 chip Lightroom, Optics is there to start but not PS. Thank you.

@schilleri Yes, we have plans for native M1 support in the next major release.