How to show Frame Number?

Hi, in the Mocha interface, how or where do you see the frame number? Not the time code, but the frame number relative to the clip.

For example, when I create a clean plate, it shows in the Save File window: CleanPlateInput254ee132

I know this is Frame 132. So when I have a segment of bad renders, I need to see the frame number in the timeline that’s bad. How do I do this without having to open the Save Clean Plate dialogue? Is there a button to switch so instead of timecode I see frame numbers?

I feel like it should be displaying someplace here in the attached screenshot. Thank you.

You can turn this on in the Clip module:

Alternatively, you can set frames to default in Mocha preferences.

Hi @martinb, thank you.

How do I get this to stay on? I went to the Clip module, set to Frames (had to uncheck “Host Format”). But it seems I have to do this every time I open a new clip.

In Mocha Preferences, I select Frames as the default but it always shows Timecode when I open a new Mocha clip.

Thank you.

Ideally it would show here under the clip viewer, because I scroll through the frames in the Remove module to see render errors, it’s not possible to keep clicking the Clip module to see frame numbers.

Thanks for your thoughts.

So you’re not able to avoid keeping the session timecode or frame specific?

what happens if you turn off timecode display in the host?

Hi @martinb, okay now you’ve lost me. Where does one turn off timecode in the host?

What host are you using? :slight_smile:

@martinb Do you mean host program? After Effects

Hi @martinb, following up. How do I turn off Timecode?

@martinb Okay I turned off Timecode in “Host” AE, restarted, but the timecode still shows up in Mocha as default.

Basically what you suggested works perfectly by going to Clip, unchecking Host Format, and checking Frames, but that’s a lot of work to do manually for every shot. Any suggestions on how to automate Frames would be wonderful.

Thank you, Martin.

Hey sorry, I missed the post updates on this thread!

If you’re working in frames in the host, the format should always be frames in Mocha. Are you saying that’s not happening? If so, this sounds like a bug.
We could work towards adding a preference to have this on or off by default so you don’t have to change it every time, but if there is a timecode in After Effects, there’s going to be a timecode in Mocha.

If you are still seeing timecode i Mocha when you have frames set in AE let me know.

@martinb Hi Martin,

Correct, I have AE set to show Frames and still Mocha won’t show Frames until I manually change it. So if you’re able to add an option to always show frames, in modules other than Clip (esp. Track and Remove), that would be great.
Thank you.

If you add a new Mocha Pro effect to the layer, does the same problem occur?