How to skew a shape in X or Y?

Hi there!
For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember how to skew a shape in either X or Y. I’ve been getting good tracks, but I need to modify the shape after the track. I’ve tried every keyboard combo I could think of. I’m using the Mocha Pro OFX plugin, v2022.5 for Flame. OSX 11.2.2

Switch to AdjustTrack tab. Here you can set up 3 reference point, that will allow you to manually adjust the skew. Or you can set up 4 point - one in each corner of the surface. Then shift-select 2 points that are related to the same surface side, and click&grad them - that will also provide you a skew correction

Is that what you’re looking for?

Maybe! I’ll give it a try!
Thank you!

Not what I was hoping for. I don’t need to adjust the track, just the shape in mid-track.

oh, I’m sorry!
You should hold Ctrl key (command on a Mac) ! But you need to have your Transform tool enabled

sigh of relief
Thank you so much!!

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