How to solve an error

I would like to remove photographer in this VR video.
So I try to remove it by using a mask, but i get an error liket the one in the picture.
Please teach me how to solve this error !


Can you verify if the tracking on the bottom layer has been done and looks good?
The first thing I woud recomend is reducing the ammount of frames the remove module is scanning.

You currenty have it set to analyze all 1317 frames. Typically a remove will only require 60-90 frames before and 60-90 frames after. Try setting both to 90 and then do a render test.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for teaching !!
I didn’t know that I could change the number of frames referenced.

And then I have two quesiton. If you have free time, please teach me.

After this error occurs, I get the same error even if I want to remove another frame again.
I start over from tracking again, the error disappears. Is there other solution?

I’m worried about the feeling of strangeness after removing like the one in the picture and movie.
II want to edit more beatifully, is there a way?

(My English skill is no good, sorryy)

I think the first question is difficult to understand.
I add the vido of the first question.

Hi Yuto,

  1. Have you actually tracked your bottom layer? This is necessary to get a good removal.

  2. Depending on your system, you can also try turning off “Use GPU Processing” in the fil>preferences:

  3. It can help to generate a clean plate and use clean plates exclusively. In this manner, you would use Photoshop to clean up one (or more) frames. This will make 360 object removes move much faster and potentially better quality.

Here are some tutorials that may help:

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Hi rosss!
I’m so sorry, I had intended to reply.

I can continue to remove after turning off “Use GPU Peocessing”
And I ’ ll do my best to learn while watching the video you sent.

If I have any question, please tell me a lot from now on.