How to squeeze multiple keyframes


Here’s a question that comes up frequently for me. I’m working in Title Studio and want to change the timing of the first half of a keyed animation. I know if I resize the overall event in my host (Vegas) it will “squish” the keyframes and keep their proportional space relative to the event size… great!

How can I within the Continuum interface, select half the keyframes (e.g. first half) and compress the time they execute so they finish sooner – short of moving them one at a time?

In this screenshot, for example, everything from 0:00-04:00 I’d like to compress to execute in about 2 seconds, while leaving the ending keyframe alone.


Well if you select the first keyframe and hold the shift key while dragging it to the right, then all keyframes on that track will ripple compress down. Is that the shortcut you’re looking for? To select keyframes across multiple tracks so that they can be moved together, select the first keyframe on one track then, while holding the control button, select the first keyframe of another tack and as you shift+drag the first keyframe, all selected keyframes will move in tandem.

I hope this helps!


Oh – SO cool… and VERY close to what I’m looking to do. Ripple compress… thing is… I need to be able to grab keyframes on the right and drag them to the left… not the other way around. Also, it appears that the ripple drag may have timing a bit off for the starting frame.

Here’s a BRIEF video showing what I’m trying to do … picture’s worth 1000 words, right? :wink:

Hi Rob,

So the issue that you’ve encountered with moving keyframes across multiple tracks is logged in our database and will be fixed in due course. Meanwhile, the only workaround for you with this is to move the keyframes on each track separately - yes, this is more work and prone to error but it’s the only workaround that we currently have to offer.


thank you for the follow-up and logging this! it’s a perfect response… love your support and development team!