How to stabilise this dolly shot?

Hi there,

I’ve a lot of trouble stabilizing this shot :

It seems easy when I take the structure and the wall like this :

But when I track before, and apply the stabilization it all goes crazy.
I’m kind of new at Mocha because I tried AE Wrap and Resolve stabilization and it didn’t work well.

Maybe is it impossible ?
What do you think and thanks for your precious advice.

Are you trying to lock down the shot OR smooth out the small vibrations?

For smooth - You probably only need to track transformations (not rotate or scale, etc) The shape on the left might not be necessary. Before using stabilize, make sure your Surface (blue rectangle) is locked on the track region. If it drifts you may need to find a better area to track. If solid, go to stabilize module and smooth only x,y and rotation. You can also increase/decrease the smooth.

You can also use stabilize module OR Mocha track exports to lock down the motion. You may find some tutorials useful for this.

Lastly… there is an interesting workflow for inverse stabilization (stabilize precomp) to lock down shot based on Mocha tracking, do your comp, then reapply the motion. This can be achieved with the MochaImport+ script for AE and Nuke OR with Mocha data on its own. Maybe worth exploring, but for pull back camera motion, not as common.

Hope this helps! Looks like interesting footage, please share when you are done. :grinning:

Hi Ross,

Thank you for your help.
I’ve put my track on the wall on the background and then stabilized it but I’ve still that weird stuttering. I’m trying to smooth the shot, so we have this impression of a very professional dolly shot (which is not the case here). I’m exploring the other options you gave me but I’m afraid I won’t have a very nice smooth shot from it :frowning:.
Keep you in touch.

Thanks again,

If your tracked Mocha surface looks rock solid but you are still seeing stuttering on stabilization, this is related to motion-blurred pixels captured on the footage itself. Mocha can not remove the motion blur, any stabilization is only as good as the footage itself.

You might also try a different approach and track the area on the lower right as it is in more focus than the other area:

Denoising the footage before track and stabilize might help.

There are some automatic solutions such as Adobe Warp/Stabilizer and Continuum has an optical stabilizer filter. It is possible that Mocha might not be the appropriate tool for this shot.