How to synch Dope Sheet w/Canvas Time

Going nuts here and can’t find the answer… help?!

I’m using Corner Pin in Vegas Pro, added as custom composite on the insert (top) track. I did the first track and all seemed GREAT. Then later down the timeline I needed to track something else so I tracked it also… but then the corner pins from the first track are completely off the canvas. (I created a keyframe at the start of the 2nd track thinking it would prevent conflicts with the earlier track (although the dope-sheet tracking data really “shouldn’t” have been effect by the new track).

I went into the dope sheet to try to figure out why my 1st set of tracking data was wonky… can’t figure it out :frowning: (Worked around the problem by simply creating another track for the 2nd insert)

Two questions on the UI in the meanwhile –

  1. How can I navigate the dope sheet and have it automatically move the scrubber on the canvas timeline to be in synch with my position so I can see the impact of any changes I’m making – they seem completely unlinked?!

  2. I know how to zoom into and out of the canvas (Z), but can’t find a wy to zoom in or out of the scrubber timeline