How to track a specific clip in Mocha AE?

I want to track a small clip from a movie in mocha AE but when I click on my clip and choose: “track in mocha AE” it uses the entire movie instead of just the clip I selected. There is an option to choose which frame to start from but it would take way too much time to start searching for the exact frames in which the clip is in.

Is there an easier way of selecting just the clip to track in Mocha AE?

After you click OK on the new project dialog, Mocha AE sets the project in/out range to the trimmed range you set in AE, so there should be no need to search for your original range.

I understand, but the problem is that my source is a 3 hour long movie and as long as it’s “present” in Mocha AE, it lags the software and makes it really slow.

In this case, it is best to trim the source.

And how do I go about doing that? sorry I’m new to Mocha AE

is there a fast way of doing so? or do you just mean that I need to export each individual clip as an mp4 and then use that instead?

Yes, in general, edits for VFX (which are shots that would use mocha) are broken up into sequences and shots right out of your edit. This is part of the normal and expected workflow in post production.

You can split these out of your main edit, OR you can split this out of AE by trimming and rendering.

All you need to do is export.

This is a good resource for a VFX pipeline:

Okay, I exported the clip as an mp4 but now when I load it into mocha AE it shows me a white screen, why is that?
Here’s a screenshot if it helps at all:

There are certain types of codecs and file types that mocha does not support, usually native, unprocessed codecs off of cameras and AVIs on Windows. You may need to convert the file to something mocha supports, such as quicktime .MOV or .AVI with a basic codec or an image sequence. If your screen is black or white for clips but not for images, it is most likely the codec for the movie files that is causing the issue.

Keep in mind the Codec is not the same thing as the file type. A codec is the type of compression, the file type is AVI or MOV.

The Mocha Pro plugin eliminates this problem by reading from and writing to the host timeline.

It’s worth mentioning that MP4 is not a great codec for VFX tasks. It’s fine for playback but it’s very slow when you are scrubbing through the shot.

A better choice is ProRes if you’re on Mac, or Avid DNxHD on Windows. If you don’t have access to those, simple Photo-JPEG also works well for tracking.

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