How to track and center frame on object?

How would I track an object and center the stabilized frame on the object in Mocha?


Hi there,

In the Mocha Pro stabilize module: Find a frame where the object is as close to the center of the full frame as possible and use that as your frame in your frame list, then hit the checkbox in the stabilize module for “center,” it’s where you see the “center, zoom, apply crop” options. That should do it for you.


Thanks! I will give it a go!

Actually, I’m realizing that my specific need is to take my 4K clip (to be used in a 1080 final vid) and pan/zoom as needed to focus the frame on particular actions in the clip and then stabilize as needed.

It seems that I should be able to do the pan/zoom using the BCC FX Pan/Zoom, but this requires that I break up the clip into the smaller ‘A to B’ segments, A=starting pan/zoom location, B=final pan/zoom location.

Could you please tell me how I could use Mocha Pro to create multiple manual Pan/Zoom locations using keyframes so that I would not have to break up my clip into ‘A to B’ segments like with the BCC Pan/Zoom?


Just add those to your full frame list and they should animate between the frames according to the stabilize.

Thanks again Mary!

Hi Mary,

Is there a way to adjust the percentage of zoom when applying this, or would I need to ‘check’ on the CENTER box and leave the ZOOM unchecked in Mocha Pro, and then apply a BCC pan/zoom on top, set to the percent I want, like 175%, etc?


You’d definitely have to animate your own zoom using this technique, continuum pan and zoom would be a good choice. Sorry for the late response, I was out of the office.