How To track objects moving out of camera view

i have a crane picing up a container in shipyard , the side of container moves out of camera view so track moves out of place how do i track it then add logo ?


please check the video i uploaded on youtube link below and the download to video file.


download video file

Hi there,

You will need to track with perspective until that slips, then move to tracking with shear for a few frames, and then to manual track to get that track perfect. Sometimes manual track is the only way to solve these sorts of issues.
Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


hi mary , firstly i want to say thanks for your kindly taking your time replying , i also want to say that i seen so many videos of you and i like all of them , i appreciate you putting your time towards making them videos for all of us and i thank you allot for that dear.


my question mary , i never used manualy tracking , i have seen only 1 video on youtube but that person on the video dont explain well also the clip is short , is it possible you can create a tutoral out of this video clip i sent you , i will really really love it mary , please mary PLease!!!

I am very glad you like the videos, but unfortunately I don’t have time right now to make a new manual tracking video because I am busy with NAB projects. Can you please try checking out our advanced webinar on tracking here?

And we have another advanced tracking webinar here:

Both of these cover all sorts of challenging tracking scenarios in depth!


ok mary cheers i will take a look at them, thank you mary for your valuable time cheers.