How to track rotated object 360 camera

I want a tutorial how to track an object ,for example a car driving past i se 1 side then once that side is out of view from camera how do i capture the other side.

another example a tea cup , tracking sides while rotating ? then adding text or logo on.

please kindly respond thanks i need help asap.

i will appreciate a tutorial for this cheers.

If the plane rotates out of view you have no information left to track, so you have to stop tracking that layer.
In order to keep tracking more sides you would need to start a new layer to track the currently visible plane.

If you only need to track some of the side and it rotates too far, thus losing the track, you will need to either use AdjustTrack to fix where there is drift, or use manual tracking to adjust the final frames.

can you make tutorial of a cup please ?

Sure, we can add that to our list of tutorials to try. I would not expect one soon, but definitely we can do something like that. Or we can add it to a webinar.