How to track this airplane body ( prospective ) Help ( mocha team please make tutoiral )

here is the small image sequence I made for you just import it in ae.

can somebody make a video tutorial showing your method of tracking and adding images or text on this airplane body?

1: Track the perspective and add images or text that aligns with the perspective correctly.
2: Please show using the PSD method. clean plate or remove option method.

please anyone make a small video tutorial.
mocha team, please make a video for me a short one please am waiting for an update reply.


Thank you for sharing the material. We already have some videos that explains the workflow for this kind of tasks, but maybe it’s worth revisiting.

I’m providing you a few links to the tutorials that are currently available, that can help you solve your shot.

In Office Hours 23 at 50 minute Mary shows how to track almost the same shot as yours, so I’m sure it worth watching.

And second video covers the topics of aligning and using PDS as a clean plate.

thank you i will watch it and check back here with a reply

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