How to Undo a tracking operation in Mocha Pro


I’m working on tracking the torso of a man driving. The first time I tracked the shape, it was a pretty solid track. Then, thinking I could get it to be better, I added perspective to the default parameters and the track was terrible. I wanted to return to the original track but all the command+Z pushes in the world doesn’t seem to undo the track and get me back to the original good track. Any way to erase the tracking data and start over?



Have you tried disabling the perspective and re-tracking?
Worse case scenario, you’ll have to delete the layer and creae a new one to re-track


Yes I tried that first. It didn’t change the track. I may have to do the worst case scenario you mention but for future reference, it would be nice to know of a way to undo tracking data, or to know definitively that it can’t be done.


my final option that may be tedious but if you still have your last saved version, you can manually remove perspective from the dope sheet, hope it helps


Just to make sure, but did you enable the cogwheel thingie before re-tracking your layer?


You know…I didn’t check. In hindsight, I don’t think I disabled it after the second pass but I’ll take a look.



Good suggestion. I’ll look at that.



No problem