How to uninstall Continuum on Mac

Hi there,
How do I uninstall Boris Continuum 2019.5 - 12.5.2 - Avid - on a Mac?


To uninstall Continuum on Mac, go to your Applications folder, find the “Boris Continuum …” folder that matches the product you want to uninstall, then inside that folder there will be an Uninstall item you can double click to run.

You could also just type Continuum Uninstall in the macOS Finder search window and it should bring up those same Uninstall launchers.


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Thanks Jason.
I don’t have a Boris Continuum folder in my applications folder, I believe that’s because Continuum is installed as a plug-in rather than a standalone app. Is there an uninstall app I can download from the Boris site?

All Boris Continuum plugins put their uninstaller in the application folder. If you have Boris Continuum installed you should see an entry in the Applications folder unless some error occurred like a previous incomplete uninstall attempt. Can you clarify what remnants of Continuum you do still see on the system? You might want to file a support case so they can tunnel into your machine and help you clear this up:

I’ve discovered the problem. When I initially installed Continuum, I only ticked the Plugins & Presets options, not the Title Studio Stand Alone Application. I thought this only installed Title Studio but it also installs other Continuum related files. I did a reinstall including this option, now I have an uninstaller in my Applications folder.
Thanks Jason

Nice find! I was unaware that some installer options would wind up leaving you without the uninstaller. We’ll get that fixed.

Great, thanks Jason. I’ll add Software Developer to my resume! :smiley: :smiley: