How to use PIxel Fixer in Final Cut Pro

I’m trying to use Pixel Fixer to remove various airplane lights in a time lapse of the night sky. Each light has a duration of ONE frame, but in a 20 minue time span there are a dozen frames that need to be touched up…

But in FCP there’s no obvious way to enable multiple pixels. There is a keyframe indicator, but I cannot find any documentation about how to use this on Mac. The available video using this in Avid is useless for me.

Also no idea how to enable a comparison mode although I can probably do this without it. IF I could figure out how to do more than one pixel. It’s beginning to feel like I need to load the effect into the clip multiple times.

Hi Jim,

The BCC Pixel Fixer offers up to 10 individual points per instance of the filter and you can stack multiple instances of the effect on any clip so that should cover you. What version of FCP and Mac OS are you using?