How to use Sapphire transitions in after effects with auto trans function properly

i was using the transitions effect in my after effects, when i try to apply key frame the percentage or amount, the effect works ok,

but “auto trans” seems working weirdly, the auto trans just consider the whole original clip as the duration, not the part that i chose to put in the sequence, it takes an era for the transition to happen.

say if the imported clip is 3 mins long and i only choose 5 seconds from in to out, if i apply the transition effect onto the 5 sec bit, and choose auto trans, it will take instead 3 mins to happen from start to finish, on the five seconds clip, the effect looks like it just froze. :astonished:
not like in premiere, in which the duration of the clip will decide the length of the effect.

anyone have the same issue?

Transitions work a little funky in AE because there are not two proper inputs. You are best off to keyframe the percentage amount.