How to use sequence editor to work on part of a clip

A long clip, say 1000 frames, needs a logo removal for only 100 frames. So I can split the clip in sequence editor to isolate the 100 frames. Now I need to send just the 100 frames to Mocha for object removal and reinsert the Mocha output.
Or - in a more general sense - when a clip needs some memory intensive and render intensive process but only for a small portion of the entire clip, what is the best way to separate out just the frames that need to be worked on?
It should happen all within the same Session as part of the overall process tree.

Import only the frames that you want to work on by selecting a range of frames. You can do this by selecting the first frame in the range and then shift-click the end frame. Only the selected frames will be imported.

Do we need to do this inside the import media option inside Silhouette?

Yes, it is done in the file browser when importing media.

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