How to use Stabiize-Apply crop?

I believe the Apply Crop option in Borders tab of Stabiize module is suppose to be one way of eliminating the black borders resulting from stabilization of footage. Once I check this option I see no change. I believe I must use the Render buttons to make it show the cropping? But if I click the “Render current frame” cog icon, the black borders on this frame remain, but the borders disappear on other frames as I scrub through but with a text alert saying “Frame not rendered”. What is the proper process to make it work and to pass to After Effects?

Also, If I just check Centre and Zoom options in Borders tab and then export to AE with “Export Tracking Data: After Effects Transform Data [position, scale and rotation] [.txt]”, it does stabilize the footage in AE with the keyframes added, but the Centre/Zoom is ignored, while it shows in Mocha Pro. Am I missing a step?

Or do I have to render it out as a image sequence to use in AE?

You should just be able to check center, zoom, apply crop and get all your borders out of there in Mocha Pro. You can render in AE by selecting the Render Checkbox and using the dropdown to navigate to stabilization in the plugin interface in the effects panel in AE.

If you’re simply exporting the corner pin to AE, you may need to center and crop in AE instead.

If you lose too much of the information, try using fixed frames to animate between full frames using the stabilized motion.

If you’re seeing frame not rendered when you render, likely your surface is going behind the camera and you are experiencing an error. Make the surface smaller and make sure it is visible throughout the track.

Try that and let me know.


Thanks for your reply Mary,

I am able to render the stabilized image sequence with the black borders removed by checking Centre and Zoom options in Borders tab in Mocha Pro standalone and then rendering out the image sequence and then opening that in AE. Please explain what the Borders - Apply crop is for and how exactly to use it. The manual says “This crops down the edges and makes the footage smaller”, but I can’t notice any change when I hit Render Current Frame cog icon – how/what does it crop?

Also I don’t see the Render checkbox you mentioned for the AE plugin (2019 version I have I think). There seems to be no Stabilize module in the plugin.

Are you using the Mocha Pro plugin in AE or the Mocha Pro standalone? The Mocha that ships with AE is not the plugin I am talking about. I thought you were using the Mocha Pro plugin.

If you go to your track tab and turn on the surface tool, can you see the surface tool throughout the shot? I need to know that to troubleshoot further.

I have the Mocha Pro standalone, but I think the AE plugin is not Mocha Pro, but the one shipped with AE, so that may be why it does not have the Stabilization module?

However, I can see the blue Surface box as I scrub throughout the shot in the basic plugin.

Since I do have the Mocha Pro standalone I will use that, so could you explain what Borders-Auto crop does in the Stabilize module and how to operate it?

Yes, Mocha AE does not have the stabilize module. If your track looks good through the whole shot and you can see the surface tool throughout, then you should be able to render the stabilize. In the Mocha Pro standalone, just render forwards and you’ll get the stabilize all set for yourself, then go to file>export rendered clip to export it.

As to that all the border tools do…

The Borders Tab tool helps automate removing the black edges you gain from the footage being stabilize.

  • Center: This centers the footage around the stabilized area.
  • Zoom: This zooms into the footage to push the edges out of frame.
  • Crop: This crops down the edges and makes the footage smaller.

Hope that helps!