How to use stabilization data?

i’m just using the trial version of mocha mainly for the stabilization module, but i don’t understand well how the workflow works.
I have a portion of a clip in aftereffects (cs5.5) that i want to stabilize (a man on black making some faces but with steady body). So

  1. i created a project in mocha, imported the clip using the same settings as the aftereffects composit (full hd, aspect ratio 1 no frame offset, same framerate).
  2. i chose a spline area to track and do the track (not for the whole clip but only for the portion of interest)
  3. i move on the stabilize module, chose what i wanted to stabilize (in my case position, rotation, zoom). If i check the preview buttton, in mocha i have a pretty stabilized clip.
  4. i export stabilization data from the stabilization module, copying to clipboard.
  5. in aftereffects, i go to the frame that in mocha i set as the “in”, pasted the frames to the clip (original clip as the one i imported in moche, without other effects or transformations applied).
    I hoped to see the same result i saw in mocha but everithing is different and the shot is not stabilized at all.
    I searched for infos but every tutorial on stabilization in mocha uses the tracking data and the flow “remove position keys- use the rotation*-1 and scale (10000/x, 10000/y) formulas”, nobody uses the stabilization data from stabilization module. The only tutorials on stabilization module in mocha website is good but does not cover the use of data in aftereffects. My questions as ignorant:
  6. is stabilization data used for my purposes?
  7. how i should use the stabilization data in aftereffects?
    thank in advance and sorry for newby questions :slight_smile:

Nevermind, i just checked again all the parameters, the composit i was working on was 24fps but the source clip was 25fps so the mocha frames didn’t match with AE ones. Fixed, stabilization works like a charm!

  1. is stabilization data used for my purposes?
  2. how i should How To Build A Chicken Coop ( Chicken Coop Plans (
    the stabilization data in aftereffects?

Hey thanks alot man! I had to bring the Zang back to us

Thanks again!

Hey thanks alot man! I had to bring the Zang back to us
Thanks again!