How to use transform data to replace a background that exceeds screen size

hi there folks,

so a client asked me to replace the floor on this shot,

I have to add elements to the book cover and inside the book too, but he wanted a different floor and I just can’t get my head around a workflow for applying the track to a background ‘floor’ layer that exceeds the frame size.

I feel like I have a solid track, and I’ve managed to drop elements inside the book etc, but I couldn’t work out how to replace the floor. Just using transform data it felt like the book was floating high above the floor and I got parallax motion as the shot begins to move.

Help or tips would be super appreciated.

Hi there,

This is really easy with the mocha Pro 5 plug-in or standalone, you can simply use a new floor as your insert clip and make the surface tool to your liking right inside of mocha, overscanning it past the frame size with no issues. If you don’t have mocha Pro 5, try a trial, and you’ll be shocked at how much it will improve your speed and workflow.

For mocha AE only, this becomes a much more complicated process. You’d have to overscan the corner pin and use some complicated prec-omps to make this work, with some trial and error.