How to view background layer through holes cut into Input Clip?

I have an upper layer named “FG” in After Effects and have added Mocha Pro to this layer in order to cut a bunch of holes in layer “FG” within Mocha Pro, so that the lower layer in AE named “BG” will show through those holes. I am able to make holes in Mocha Pro simply by creating a bunch of layers and setting their Blend Modes to Subtract. While in Mocha Pro, I see black holes where the cut outs have been made. Once I exit Mocha Pro, in the AE window I can see the “BG” layer show up through the cutous I made in Mocha Pro.

But could someone please tell me how to see the “BG” layer show up in the Mocha Pro interface and not just the black holes made by the subtracted Mocha Pro layers?


We currently don’t have the ability to show addtional BG clips behind the current clip you are working on, although it is a feature request on our list!
We’ll add a +1 to people wanting this feature in later releases!

This would be great to have! +1 from me for sure.

Just want to mention that it “is possible” to set up this view (roto fg over bg) using your background clip as an Insert with the surface aligned to edges without any tracking. But this is very clunky and not the ideal way to work. Implementing as a new feature is the way to go.

As a quick tip - there are a few ways to help visualize your roto.

  1. You can use the Show Mattes & Colorize Layers buttons to show the shapes with fills over color.
  2. You can change the color of canvas (view>canvas color)
  3. You can also hide the spline overlay by turning off in the “shopw spline tangents” button.
    Hope this helps.

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