How? Which moduls use for do that

I want to lay the line on the road
Which modules should I use for the imposition in mocha future lines in AE?
I explain my idea in this video

And after lines i want use mocha for cover mask BUILDINGS which cover road.

thank you

For the line, a simple 2D planar track from the tracking tab will do what you need.

You can roto the buildings in the same module. It should be a very straightforward track and roto.

I think your best bet is to start with the fundementals of mocha here; Boris FX | Videos

And go over tracking and roto. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

Thank you for answers.
I done:

  1. tracking in Mocha
  2. Export
  3. Past to solid object in AE
  4. Oly one corner move correctly, other corner not
  5. What i must for perfect moving ALL corner of my road?
    thank you
    this video about my steps.

please answer me on post August 11, 2015 at 7:51 pm

Sorry, missed this. OK, so you’re copying and pasting transform data, and you’re only going to want to do that on a null. You can link to a null with that transform data by pick-whipping your stroke to the data.

If you need a corner pin, you’re going to need to precomp your stroke and move all attributes into the precomp. Then you will need to align the surface tool in mocha on the frame where your stroke lines up, copy mocha corner pin data for AE, and paste that data onto your precomp in AE.

Either one of those methods should fix your issue.