Howdy & an error to solve

Good day,
First post here and in need of a bit of your collective knowledge. I’ve had Boris Fx tools for a while and seem to have one stuck; it is throwing an error that is causing angst, to say the least, messed up renders or none, at the worst.

I get this error on startup of Vegas pro or Vegas effects. How can I get rid of this error? Recently purchased Continuum 2021 and this is hampering the ride. :star_struck:
Your assist on this would be most appreciated.

It looks like you have remnants of an old Continuum 10 version that didn’t get uninstalled completely. Take a look at your Vegas plugin folder here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins
Do you see anything with BCC10 in the name. Perhaps a plugin called “BCC10_OFX.ofx.bundle”? If so, delete it and try again. Does that resolve it for you?


Excellent answer. Thank you. That gremlin has been eradicated.
Enjoy the day!