How's my Mocha Pro workflow

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Hi Everyone.

I’ve had Mocha Pro Standalone installed for a month or TWO – and today I am wondering if I installed it correctly – to make sure I have the best work flow when using Mocha Pro.

My license includeS all of the plugins, and am using After Effects Creative cloud. Specifically my license says “Mocha Pro 5 All Plug-ins and App”

So I open my project in After Effects that I want to track in Standalone Mocha Pro 5. …

I saw an online tutorial today by Surfaced Studio and it says if I have the standalone pro version, then I go to to the After Effects '“Effects and Presets” panel and search for Mocha. In the Surfaced Studio video two Mocha effects are shown. “Mocha Shape” and “Mocha Pro”. Surfaced Studio says I would drag Mocha Pro onto the layer I want to track.

In my case I only see Mocha Shape. I do not see Mocha Pro in the Effects and Presets panel.

I have the standalone Mocha Pro 5.5.1 installed. Do I need to do one more step to see Mocha Pro in my After Effects effects panel?



To use mocha Pro in After Effects as an effect, you need to install the mocha Pro Adobe plugin: Boris FX | Downloads
Mocha shape is used to paste mocha shape data back into after effects.

If you would prefer to use the standalone instead of the plugin version, you can also call the standalone version from After Effects via “Track in mocha AE” in the Animation menu. This requires you to open mocha Pro first and go to preferences, then set the “Use this version with AE” in the System tab.

But since you have a license for all the plugins, it’s probably easier to install the mocha Pro Adobe Plugin instead.

Thanks, martinb

That worked and now I see Mocha Pro in my effects.