Huge move with crane - shadow remove

Hi guys,
I have this kind of shot, from ground level to about 3/4mt. I have tracked it, and it works, but with corner pin export, the texture used to replace the background lose too much details and quality. I tried with remove module, but the shadow doesn’t move too much to reveal a “clean” background. Also, a clean plate lose the quality.

How i can solve this problem?

Thank you!

(sorry for my english)

Can you send me a screen shot of the problem? I will have a hard time explaining if I can’t see the issue. The more detailed, the better.

Hi Mary,

this is the shot: - YouTube

I need to remove the shadow of the crane.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

OK, the remove tool could take care of that. You can download a trial of mocha Pro here to test:

Remove module basics can be found here:

Otherwise, to do this in AE you’d need a high rez plate to make it work as a patch, and unless you shot that you have no real way of getting it other than painting a new one.