I bought a year's Upgrade Licence fo MP19.Why need to purchase Upgrade?


This is my current Status on my Licence, I purchased this in April 2019:

“Mocha Pro Plug-in: OFX (includes 1 year upgrade & support)”

OK, when I check for any Updates + Upgrades I get this:

Please advise.



Mocha 2019.5 is a free update if you’re currently on a support contract or have an active yearly subscription, which you meet the criteria for it sounds like. If you’re having trouble activating, deactivate your current key, uninstall the plugin, download the new version off our website, and reactivate.

That should get you all sorted out, but if not, will you please email support here and ask to have your key reset for you? Otherwise sales can help you purchase an upgrade if you’re ineligible for the free update. Boris FX | Open a Case

Most likely your key just needs to be processed manually on our end to get you sorted out, which needs to be done through support channels.

Mary thank you for the reassurances. It was getting that Graphic above that concerned me. Why am I getting that invitation to “Buy Now”? Shouldn’t my Update enquiry take note of the fact that my License covers me, and that I shouldn’t be invited to purchase again/afresh? I haven’t yet Downloaded, activated nor reactivated.



It’s a broad spectrum message that the upgrade is available, not necessarily targeted to you individually.

Bit like an antibiotic then? However, maybe a sentence in the ALERT explaining that as an existing . . . . . it would clear matters-up? - Just saying.

PS: I don’t just restrict my bug testing to the Product, if I find anything that perturbs me I tend to announce it. I was built that way.

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

And just to tidy things up, I’ve now downloaded the 6.1 and installed. Used in VP16 as a plug and it’s working as expected.

Hi Graham,

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately the logic in Mocha Pro 2019 was too simple to handle upgrade and support contracts, and was baked into that version so we couldn’t change the message. We have fixed it internally and the fix will be included in a maintenance release due out soon.

Best regards,


Yeah, me too.

Anyways, J-P, thanks for taking the time out to get back to me, this I appreciate.