I cant get a simple export tracking data to a shape to apply in After effects

Using after effects 2022, and mocha pro 2022.5
I will soon grab the essential video, but im curious what im doing wrong here… 1. I have created tracking data for a video clip, looks great tracks perfect, you can see in my image i applied it to the video and this is tracking fine. But if i try and export it to my shape icon in after effects, it throws everything off as you can see in the image where “applied to shape” words appear the keyframes are so spaced apart and looks like extra keyframes, and it just disappears, cant see the shape when exporting to this shape.

I used pin to corner and tried transform

Treat this like a VFX shot and precompose this layer, trim the comp when you precompose it so you don’t have empty keyframes on either side. This should fix any alignent issues.