I can't "import shape" in standalone version

Does anyone know why I can’t import a new shape in png? I enter the section of the particle and when I want to change it for a personalized one nothing happens and it does not upload, I am using the standalone version. for example: I want to change the snow particle for the whatsapp icon. Or in which part could I upload a new shape to use it as a particle?

Thank you

Hi, you can save it if you select the Custom folder,
or go to C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\UserEmitterLibraries,
copy the folder Custom.il3 & rename it to whatever you want, keep the .il3 at the end
that will then show as a personal folder,
you will then have the option to save to Emitter library,

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Thanks!! Thank you! you helped me a lot! nobody had been able to help me, you were very fast and precise, thanks again!

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No prob :+1:

A little bit more info if you want :wink: In the settings of an emitter you have the option to use Single Particle,

Some of the emitters use multiple images, if you look at the icon it has a red triangle play button, & if you look under the New Shape there’s arrows where you can scroll through them,

To create these multiple images,
place your images on the timeline of a video editing software if you have one,
reduce the length of each image down to 1 frame each
I use Vegas19 so it looks like this
Then render/export to a windows folder as a png Image Sequence

The rendered files will be png but have will have a 000001 number after them, keep them together like this in that folder, (these images of mine are 1920x1080, i found they had better resolution in Particle illusion if the image size was bigger)

In Particle illusion find your folder in the import Shape

Click on the first one 000000, you’ll get the option to Import Shape Sequence, save to Emitter Library as before :+1:

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