I can't render multi spot at once

Hello, I’ve been having 2 problems using Mocha Pro to remove unwant spots on the rug.

1/ First, I completed removing within Mocha Pro plugins in After Effects, then I closed the window and click " save ". At the effect window, I sticked " Remove " and " Render " and only one of the circles appeared to be removed ( blue painted ), the others stayed statics.

2/ Second, I tried using Mocha Pro app, I first started to render a need-to-remove spot, done. Then I kept on rendering another one, but the one I had just rendered happened to de-rendered, it was revealed again.

Please help me with this !

You are using way too many shapes for an efficient remove. Make a garbage matte over your gymnast that avoids the spots and keep that layer stacked on top. Simply track the rug as your BG layer and keep that layer on the bottom. Make a new layer and use the Add To X Spline tool to encompass all of the rug spots and use Link To Track to link it to the BG layer track. This is your remove layer and must be in the middle of the layer pile.

Use a cleanplate with “use cleanplates exclusively” checked and your render will be much faster and it will also not erase as the remove goes from layer to layer.

Am I supposed to create a garbage matte within Mocha Pro or After Effects ? if Mocha Pro, how can I do it ?

Inside of Mocha Pro, all you have to do is you draw a spline around the gymnast (and I would only track translation), then animate the shape in a loose blob around her avoiding the areas of the carpet you need to fix.