I have the annual maintenance agreement for 10, how to get license code for 11?

I’ve written to support twice, the first time on the 11/20 and again a day ago about a license code for BCC 11. i
I have a paid for up to date annual license plan that ‘supposedly’ gives me updates as they come out. I need to use bcc 11 but cannot install it in Resolve 14.1 without the license code.
How can I get the code? I have a big project ready to go but am stopped dead without a new license code.
Hoping I have faster response here than emailing support.Thanks

Hi! I’m sure I can help with that. Please reach out to me privately - peterm@borisfx.com - and I’ll work with support to straighten that out for you.

Hi Chris! Thanks for the off-line response - most appreciated. I’ve discussed your case with support and apparently your mail somehow wound up in a sales box instead of the support box. Support is on it now and will send you the new license right away. Cheers, Peter.

Hello Peter,
I have the same problem, may I contact you?


Hi Wilfried,

Yes, please feel free to reach out to me directly - I’m happy to help.

Thanks for the help, the issue was quickly resolved. Consider this one ‘closed.’