I have Vegas, Continuum & Mocha Pro OFX, to use Adobe will i need to upgrade

Hi, I have Vegas Pro 18, Continuum & Mocha Pro OFX,
I’d like to be able to buy/use Adobe AE but still keep Vegas using Boris plugins,
will i need to upgrade from OFX?
thanks :+1:

AE would require different licensing than OFX, but I recommend you contact a Boris FX Sales representative directly so they can help you find the best fit since there are “bundle” options that would cover both Adobe and OFX hosts on the same machine:


Thanks Jason, i sent a msg in the chat popup, got a reply & wanted to ask for more details but the chat window isn’t working for me today, or at least it’s not showing me previous conversations or the one my email suggest i reply with. I’m logged in :man_shrugging: They’ve (Neal) has been really helpful & responded quickly so I’ll deal with it tho thanks for the link & reply ,