I need urgent help about Obscured removal

This is my footage which I work on it in a single day. Plz, mocha people help me. :’( I want to remove that heart shape realistically and replaced it with a real human heart. I have a 3d human heart but I can’t track or removed it during my hand interference with the heart this obscured tracking just disturbed me i have no idea what to do. ?

Hi there!

This is a multi-stage project. Are you familiar with the Remove module and Camera solver already or are you just starting?

This will be reasonably complicated and will require multiple steps:

  1. You will need to fully track and roto out the hand
  2. You will need to track the heart logo (best to track near it since the hand obscures it)
  3. You will need to track the background behind the logo
  4. If you want to do a proper 3d camera solve you may also need to track the ground

The first step here is cleaning up the existing plate:
Once the hand is rotoscoped, you will need to do a remove process on the real heart and paint it out with photoshop on a clean plate, then use the remove module to paint out the other frames.

The second step is tracking in the actual heart: You will need to use a camera solve in Mocha to get the 3D position of the scene and use the solved camera data to provide the camera.

Depending on the compositing software, you will need to export the 3d data to AE camera data or FBX data.

If you are just beginning, I recommend watching a few of the tutorial videos to understand the basics first.