I really need help for that

hey guys, i´m really new in tracking things. i got a hard one here (for myself). i watched all the tutorials on this website but didnt find a anwer or tip for my special problem: here i posted a video (http://www.tristanladwein.com/trackingsteps.mov) - i shot with my canon eos 5d mkII (full HD).i wanna do a music video with that footage. the concept is that under my feet growing words and animating something on the floor to the music & lyrics etc… my question is: how can i create ONE constant trackingpath - that i can use in afx? i made 100 small white trackingpoints on the left side of the footage. is that enough for that job?

my thought: i have to make tons of trackingpoints and link them together - but noting works for me. maybe im stupid :slight_smile:

what i try to do is: i make a shape of the first trackingpoint on the upper left corner till it goes out of the screen. then i lock the 1 trackingpoint and start the second tracking on the next spot in the upper left corner - etc …100 times. then i make the align surface to each trackinglayer and export that to afx. i created a textlayer and paste the trackingdata to it. but only the first trackingpoint i did in mocha works - all the other 99 wont work? why?

i want to track the complete motion of the floor. with all the shakes etc… it has to look realistic. i dont want to stabilize. maybe i can use the stabelizing tracking data? but where is that data ?

please help me out - and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

thank you so much


Hi Tristan,
You could try to track and than continually stop the tracker and add new contour shapes to the same layer with the “add contour” button. This is the usual method for tracking things that go off screen.

There is pretty sever lens distortion on your clip and it may actually help to have track points on the right side as well if you want to get a true perspective distortion.

In adjust track you can create “new ref” tracks to adjust as your shot goes offscreen, but this could get tricky as you will have to keep adding new refs often and I would recomend doing them for each of the 4 surface points on the same frame.

Hope this helps. I’d like to see the final when you are done.