I run Mocha AE and it won't let me use it, it freezes

I’ve been wanting to use mocha for days and I can’t, I run it and it stays stuck, it won’t let you click or play the video.

I have a Quadro P4000 Card
128Gb of Ram
Asus Prime X299 Aura Sync Board

I urgently need it to work, help me

I am not sure what you mean by stuck.

Is the video one frame long or is it simply not playing? Is the video playing but the shape is not tracking? If so, turn GPU tracking off, restarting AE, and try again.

Are you using an image sequence or video? What does the timeline look like. Could you possibly be loading in a single frame instead of a sequence?

Are you making sure you are using supported footage formats for AE?

Is there a time remap on your footage that could be causing a problem?

There are many things that could cause these issues, so I want to make sure I help you find the right solution. I need more information in order to help.