Ideas needed for intro clip using Particle Illusion / Title Studio

I want to upgrade the intro clip for the reviews on my youtube channel using Particle Illusion and or Title Studio, and I’m wondering if anyone has an ideas …

Here’s the current one: The Bug-A-Salt Review: The most fun you can have killing a fly - YouTube

I quite like the idea of the fluorescent tubes lighting up, and have considered using Title Studio to create something similar but more advanced. But I can’t (so far) get Title Studio to create tubes.

Does anyone know if it is possible to create flourescent tube text using borisfx. I think if I were redoing this creative, I would now do it more 3D and perhaps have the tubes explode. That would be cool, if I can do it. Any other ideas?

I don’t have to stick to fluorescent tubes, perhaps there’s another creative implementation which Borisfx would enable. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

@arlo Hi, that intro you have would be improved with just a little bit of Glow, so saying that any line can be made to illuminate like fluorescent/neon tube,
There’s many free online font downloads that can be used in TS
Many editors have a Shatter transition or plugin that could be made to explode the txt,
TS does accept 3d images but my drawing software isn’t compatible for this so can’t help with that, think Blender files work,

I think a lot of what is possible is what software/plugins do you have available to you?

Video just adding a bit of glow to your intro, anything is poss tho …

Hi @Gid.Joiner - thanks. Looked at your channel and first thought was er … joinery … special effects ??? !!! That’s quite a leap!
Anyway, yes, I have a good font for making a 3d fluorescent tube effect (as used in my old intro), but what I am really trying to get at is which boris fx tools I could use to create something better - either a similar creative idea (fluourescent tubes) or completely different.
I’m finding that in Title Studio, I can’t (quite) extrude a font to form a tube. I am not sure it is possible.

Yep my channel is videos of my work, they’re educational so I keep them very simple, true to speed, sound & colour, I put pretty much nothing more than a 12frame crossfade between clips & I use Mocha for hiding Identities, faces, no’ plates etc… ‘special effects’ is just a side line/hobby,

Sapphire’s S-Ultrazap has plenty of Neon options, I’ve been in hospital poorly & it looks like Boris has added loads more presets :+1::+1: I’ll have to look into those,

Ultrazap uses Mocha so pretty much any shape can be created

Also S_Ultraglow can just glow the edges, this could be enhanced , I think some other filters ‘Edge detect’…?

For 3D stuff like creating a tube I use Hitfilm Pro & my CAD software that I use for drawing plans for my work but the OBJ. files the CAD software produces aren’t compatible with TS, so sorry can’t help with that.

@Gid.Joiner Aaah … ultrazp could be just the thing, and it looks to me like I might be able to move it in 3d using mocha, too. I’ll have a play. Thanks for the steer. Much appreciated.

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