Illegal camera type in camera parameters error

Hi All,

I’m a new Monet user and I keep getting the error “illegal camera type in camera parameters.” whenever I try to re-open a saved project where Lens undistort features were used.

I don’t get this error if I don’t use the Lens features.

The error occurs after select “Finish” on the open project wizard.

I’m using Monet v2.1.4 SOHO edition.

To troubleshoot the problem, I’ve tried creating several new projects using different types of imported clips, from different sources, like *.mp4, *.jpg sequences, *.tga sequences, etc. and with “Separate fields” selected or not.

In Camera tab, I’ve tried using different combinations like default settings the program detects, NTSC, NTSC anamporphic, Custom, etc. Noted that the program won’t let “none” be selected under “Clip” in Camera tab.

This is quite the show stopper as I have to restart the projects from scratch and am not able to use the Lens feature. Hopefully, it’s just a noob error on my part!

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help…