I'm a noob and need guidance on removing objects

i have shot with gear in the background and the lead walking towards the camera. the gear goes in and out of the shot from the camera movement. it’s all shot in a back alleyway. is there a way to remove it? I followed a few tutorials but so far every time i remove it with a clean plate. the clean plate bouses around.

I figured it out. I never told the clean plate what frame to start at so it caused it to bounce around everywhere. Now another issue is. the frame numbers look different from what the clean plate gives. not sure how to correct that. example. it will say 433 on a clean plate. and on the frame number box it will say 000:003:00 or something like that.

Glad you figured it out. Yeah, I have seen that too, I think it’s safe to say we need to file that frame discrepancy as a bug. It’s in my projects too. I think we have already but I will ping @martinb to make sure.

If you’re working in timecode view, we still always export clean plates with frame numbers.
If you’re unsure of the time to frame correlation, you can switch to frame view in the Clip module to be sure.