Image perspective warp/transform?

Hi, i don’t know how to phrase this,
I have this image that is an insert for an effect that almost creates a 3d look in a window wall ,
the photos have been taken in a way that gives a lot of ‘depth’
is there an effect/filter that will help me reproduce something like this

Ideally what id like to do is select the back wall & push it back making the sides stretch & elongate,

this is an image of my messy shed :see_no_evil::rofl:

I’ve cropped it sq & used Vegas mesh warp to compress a sq area of the centre/back wall, but that tool is a bit messy & inacurate, all you have are points on the screen that you drag,

I’m sure in my Boris collection there’s a better tool that will select a sq or a more consistent area to shrink dragging the sides along with it ?

s the back wall

Hi Gid,

Have you tried using the BCC+ Wide Angle Lens filter to generate that effect?


Hi, yep but because it’s a lens effect it tends to curve things, use the correction sliders to compensate for that starts adding reflect to the edges,

In the orig all the lines are still straight even if it was made using a wide angle lens,

Have you tried using the Sapphire S_StretchFrameEdges filter?

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Thanks I’ll give that a go on the window wall (it’s not the best pic for this) ,
S_StretchFrameEdges only works on the horizontal but i applied it to the image, saved the image, then added it back to the timeline, rotated the image & then applied the effect again it seems to look right :+1:

Nice job!

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:+1: It’s for a BluffTitler preset, the window sizes can be changed & the front frame depth/extrusion, there’s a little interior depth control,…

That’s my image in these bits on this vid, the white bits are white only because i haven’t completely filled the grid

Thankyou, i need to get some better images,