Image Replacement on an obscured object

Hi…so I’ve recently started using monet, and I have to say, it is absolutely amazing. Tracks that were jerky and unstable in AE after hours of tweaking, are a total snap now. I really could not be happier with it.

That being said, here’s my issue (and I’m hoping there’s a work around or a trick to it):

I’m doing image replacement on some windows, on a store front. The windows a the very top have, so far, been relatively painless. No big problems there.

The problem is that I’m now trying to do image replacement on a window that an actor walks directly past…and its doing fine, until the actor walks in front of it, and then the layer goes absolutely crazy.

(Did I mention, that for a few frames, the window is completely obscured by the actor?..yeah, not the simplest track in the world.)

Anyway, I was wondering if there was a trick or a tutorial for this, or if I’m doing something wrong.

(I’ve already tried adding keyframes before and after where the actor obscures the window, but its still not cooperating. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing a step?)

Any help or pointers you could give me, would be much appreciated.


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Image Files of project here:

The window I’m inquiring about is the one directly beneath the “Buy” graphic.

P.S. Oh yeah, after this…I also need to do image replacement on the top left window…but I’m thinking that the technique used would be about the same.

I’m not quite clear in what step the layer goes crazy, but if it is in the Track tab, then I would say to lower the Min % Pixels Used, possibly even to keyframe the value so it’s only lower then the guy obscures the window.

Also, since the windows are essentially all co-planar, another workaround might be to track the windows in an area not ever obscured by the guy and then use that rack data to do the insert on the part window that needs replacing.

Lastly, you could manually keyframe a layer for they guy that is in front of the windows, and then track, so that the tracker doesn’t try to interpret the guy’s pixels as part of the window plane.

Hopefully this gets you pointed in the right directions.