Image Stabilizer

Hi, I have Avid FX as part of my MC package, and I’m looking to resolve an image stabilization issue. Trying out some real estate shots (tilts & pans, zoom-ins, etc.), and some issues are simply resolved by MC’s in-built solution, and some I’m needing to try out others. In this instance, I have a zoom-in that is a bit jerky (albeit this shot instead could easily be a tilt & pan), and MC’s own solution doesn’t work out the best. Looking at Avid FX and I do not have a clue how to operate this particular effect. Do you have both reading instructions and video titorials you could point me to? Thank you, DC


I’m wondering if this video might help you gain a better understanding of how to use the motion tracker inside of Avid FX / Boris RED :


Hi Peter, at first glance this looks good. I will come back and update thoroughly. Thank you so much, DC

Hi, very good to a point, but it’s a tracker video and not a stabilisation video. I’m sure they use the same fundamental tools, which would be great if you could explain for conceptual purposes. But can you point me to a stabilizer turorial? Thank you. DC

Hey Daniel,

The process that you will need to go through for tracking and stabilization is very similar in RED / Avid FX so it’s good that you went through the motion tracker video. To stabilize a shot, follow these steps :

(1) apply avid fx / red to the unstable media in avid
(2) launch the avid fx custom GUI
(3) you can delete all tracks except for the track that you wish to stabilize - we’ll refer to that as v1
(4) select the v1 track and go to Filters>motion>motion stabilizer - this adds the motion stabilizer to the face of the selected track
(5) click on the monitor icon of the filter which will open up another window with the media that we need to stabilize
(5) in the control panel, enable a second tracker - you should now see two tracker boxes over the media
(6) set the tracker boxes as far apart as you can to get a better stabilize result
(7) go to the control panel and click on the transform tab
(8) set the transformation to the desired option - just translate or include rotation and scale … probably he latter
(7) click on the green target icon in the control panel to kick of image analysis
(8) once image analysis is complete, you can close the tracker window and play back the stabilized result

Finally, if you need it, you can find the Boris RED/Avid FX on-line documentation at this link :

I hope this helps!


Hello Daniel,
I have a tutorial on the actual use of the stabiliser. It is part of a series I made on Boris RED/Avid FX.
However, I no longer have the tutorials listed on my site.
If you are interested in getting a copy, as well as any of my other tutorials covering Avid FX/Boris RED, please contact me at