Implementation of a dot node


I was just wondering if the devs team is planing to implement a dot node similar to the one in Nuke. Scripts in Silhouette can become pretty confusing because of the lack a dot node.

Does anyone have organisational tips to work in Silhouette until (and if) such a node is added?


@Provencal_le_Gaulois Yes, a dot node similar to the one in Nuke is on the list of things to do. In the meantime, rather than having one source node with lots of output connections crossing in different directions, use a few copies of the source node to make tree more organized. You’ll need to keep in mind that for each copy of the source node you use, there will be additional disk access.

@Provencal_le_Gaulois A better option would be to strategically place Null nodes located in the Image node group. You can pipe connections through this node and have multiple outputs.

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@marco Awesome, looking forward to it :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips about how to organise my scripts.

Would this be similar to a utility DA in a physical patch bay? I come from systems integration and TV engineering. My brain works this way.

Yes, the Dot node would be like a utility DA in a physical patch bay.

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