Import After Effects Null PSR Data (Tracked) to Silhouette

Is there any way to Import the tracking data, or any PSR data (Position Scale Rotation data) from After Effects into the Silhouette?

Recently I’ve had to paint one, hard to planar track, shot of an iPhone and got the idea to try the new GeoTracker for After Effects (Exporting Tracking Results — GeoTracker for After Effects Tutorial - YouTube). That really worked well well enough with little to no effort.

The result of the Geo Tracking was 3D Null + Camera (it can also export 2d Null), but then I realized there is (almost) no way to import that Null or Null’s data into the Silhouette.

Since I was in a rush, my workaround was to attach a simple textured plane to the tracked Null, Precomp that, and then Import it as source 2 to the Silhouette plugin - where I was able to (again) track the plane movement with a regular Silhouette tracker

What would be the best workflow here, if there is any?

Silhouette supports the import of After Effects Corner-Pin data. Are you able to export that format out of After Effects after using the Geo Tracker?

Hm, that is not directly possible, you can see what options are there for the export in the youtube link from my previous post.

Although as a workaround, I managed to manually create corner-pin points by exporting 4 “surface Points” (see 2:47) Exporting Tracking Results — GeoTracker for After Effects Tutorial - YouTube and then linking the corner-pin points to that.

I then pasted that data into a text file, the result is here:
CornerPin1.txt (3.4 KB)

New problem:
How to Import this into the Silhouette. It says “Tracker format not supported for” when trying to import it into the Roto/Track node? What am I doing wrong?

And the “Import” button is only available when “Point tracker” tab is selected - in Planar and Mocha tracker tabs it’s greyed out, why is that?

Tried to search trough the help file for this but it’s not very well explained

Trackers are imported through the Point Tracker in Silhouette. Attached is an example of an After Effects corner-pin file that Silhouette supports.
mocha-corner-power-pin.txt (4.6 KB)

Thanks, it works when using a CC Power Pin instead of a regular Corner Pin in After Effects which I was using at first try.

Although, it would be nice to have a more streamlined workflow with a GeoTracker/any other 3d tracker in After effects. Especially for head and face cleanups

Thanks for the help Marco