Import Cinema DNG Sequence (Blackmagic Cinema Camera)

I’m working on a project natively in Cinema DNG sequences from the BMCC. It appears Mocha does not support this file type, is that correct? Or am I doing something wrong?




Hi Randy,

As of right now, that is correct, we do not support DNGs. There are certain types of codecs and file types that mocha does not support, usually native, unprocessed codecs off of cameras and AVIs on Windows. You may need to convert the file to something mocha supports, such as quicktime or an image sequence. If your screen is black or white for clips but not for images, it is most likely the codec for the movie files that is causing the issue.

View Documentation: supported file list

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for the response. Are there plans to support CinemaDNG image sequences in the future?


That will depend on some upcoming developments. Stand by for more information! :slight_smile: