Import into RG Warp not working properly using Mocha for AE version 2

Not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem yet with version 2.

I track everything in Mocha for AE Version 2 just fine and looks great. Export it and can copy paste the data to a layer in AE and it imports the corner pin data as expected. If I try instead to use Red Giant’s Warp version 1.5 plug-in that has Mocha import, it doesn’t bring in the data properly. The corner pins are way off and the keyframes way off (like several thousand frames off).

If I track the same footage the exact same way using Mocha for AE Version 1 and import into RG Warp, I have no problems and everything works the way it is suppose to.

Any thoughts???

This makes sense.

If I apply the RG Warp with information from Mocha AE version 1, everything matches beautifully.

If I apply the RG Warp with information from Mocha AE version 2, it first appears as if the corner pins were way off.

If I open the Mocha data, select all, copy and paste it on the layer, Adobe’s regular corner pin is applied with the keyframed corner pins and also the layers scale, position and rotation also have keyframes applied to them. If I get rid of the Adobe Corner Pin and apply RG Warp and then provide it with the Mocha data while leaving the layers scale, position and rotation keyframed from the previous step, everything looks as it is suppose to.

What it boils down to is this. With Mocha AE version 1 all I had to do was import the Mocha data into RG Warp and everything worked fine. With Mocha AE Version 2, I have to load up the Mocha data, select all, copy the data to the layer so that the layers scale, position and rotation are keyframed. Then I have two options:
#1 I can either leave the Adobe Corner Pin and have the track look like it is suppose, but sacrifice the various controls of RG Warp.

#2 I can delete the Adobe Corner Pin, apply RG Warp, import the Mocha data and everything seems fine.

It seems like a lot of extra steps I’m having to make compared with using version 1.

Hi Matt,
With the new Version 2 of Mocha for AE Imagineer addressed an issue that many, many users had requested: motion blur for corner pin track data in AE.

Our solution to the Adobe issue was to change our export format to export corner pin and transform data in one pass. So , now the layer gets its scale, rotation and position motion blur and the corner pin is simply the skew-distortion.

Unfortunately, RG Warp is developed by a different company and does not support this new v2 export format without the user manually tweaking as you have found.

I will talk to our engineering team as well as the folks at Red Giant to see if we can agree to a solution.