Import layer/keyframes to another mocha file?

i’m in the process of rotoing something with multiple moving parts. when i went to start a new layer to track the next part mocha wouldn’t let me (grrr)so i started a new project and did the part there (this happened a couple times). now i have parts in separate projects and would loooove for them all to be in the same place as now i’m having issues where they meet up. is this possible? thank you for any and all suggestions!

I would like to import roto’s from one project into another, can someone tell me how to do this ??

Sorry to say that the answer to both questions is that you would need to render out your mattes and comp them back together in a compositing system.
There isn’t an import of shapes from 1 proj to another. It is added as a future feature request…

You can render you roto work, then import them into the matte import box (below the layers) then render the new roto shapes to add them onto that file.