Import Matte Clip results in noise etc

I’m using Mocha Pro inside After Effects. I’ve read the other topics.
I’ve looked for a video on how to use matte clips but I couldn’t find any.

Instead of creating occlusions masks I want to use a roto someone already made. There is no option in after effects to render grey. I’ve tried alpha, I’ve turned on 8 bit. I’ve tried PNG sequences. When I let mocha pro convert it automatically, I get random noise, or a subtle red hue.

If Mocha Pro can see the alpha channel in the clip I’m trying to track, why can’t it use that as an occlusion matte? I can turn alpha on and off, but the tracking masks don’t respect it.

I looked in the manual but didn’t find any details. Im hoping I’m just not getting some basic thing. Sometimes I can get it to say "Frame 13 not rendered in clip “Matter for layer 1”, maybe thats a clue. Thanks! Jonah

SOLVED - kind of.

I found some posts on creative cow etc., but one person discovered that exporting their black and white video as an SGI sequence worked when imported into Mocha Pro (while PNG seq etc ProRes doesn’t seem to work). And, it worked!

It would be nice if mocha pro could respect the alpha channel of a video layer in after effects regardless. And seems weird I couldn’t get matte clip to work by pointing it at a different layer etc. Thank you… to me. Atlhough it is the weekend :slight_smile: