Import Mocha Plus Tracking Info into After Effects (separate computers)

Hi there,

Here’s my conundrum; At work I’ve got After Effects CS5 and can’t install the Mocha trial because this computer can’t be connected to the internet. I DO have Mocha Plus on my laptop, so I can track footage on that. But how do I get the tracking info from my laptop, onto the After Effects of my desktop? There is no Mocha AE on my desktop. I did export a .txt file from Mocha, but I don’t know how to get that info into After Effects.

Before you ask, yes, I have AE on my laptop, but I’m in the Apple Beta Program, and AE doesn’t work with El Capitan. Shoulda looked into that before upgrading (but I didn’t expect I’d be in this pickle).


Thanks in advance

Can you try copying the text file contents and pasting them in as a “paste mocha mask” on the layer? Let me know if that works for you.

Nope. I copied the text from the file, but the Paste option is greyed out in AE.

Darn. I think that might be outside of our workflow. Let me ask Martin if there’s a workaround.

You should be able to paste the data, but earlier versions of AE can be tricky with the clipboard. Try restarting AE and then try to copy and paste the data again.