Import of external 3D objects

I can’t import any 3D object from Cinema4D into Title Studio, not even a very simple one.
They are listed as compatible, but I’m then told the format is unknown. Any idea?

This is unexpected. Can you share one sample model file?

Here you go: (107.4 KB)

Hi Uli,

Are you using the most recent beta build of Continuum? I ask because this is an issue that I thought we addressed somewhat recently. The problem is with some of the host native primitives that are included with C4D - these models are a little different than other models that we were and are importing just fine into Title Studio.

So … would you mind please making sure that you’re working with the latest beta drop and try again to import that model?



I’m using the shipping version now, since I write my review about it. Is there a more recent beta? I couldn’t find one at a quick glance. I’ll try with non-primitive models and report.

Based on the dialog posted above, I think you’re having a problem in Resolve on a Mac.

Just FYI I am able to import this torus model fine into title studio in Resolve and AE on Win10.

So, I’m under High Sierra 10.13.6 and using Resolve 15.2.2.
My Cinema4D is R19.068.
Hardware resources should suffice with a Radeon Pro 580 and 32 GB RAM.

What should I do?

Hi, Uli,

We have not been able to reproduce the error you see when loading that file. It works in our QA lab on both mac and win using the same shipping version of the software you are using. Do you see this with other C4D files as well or just that file?

We made several improvements to C4D import in Continuum 12.0.1 (and higher) so please give that a whirl and let us know if you continue to see problems.