Import of third party OFX plugins in Silhouette

Hi, is there a way to import other OFX plugins?
like Neat Video 5 OFX ( very needed here) or free OFX for Natron/Nuke Gizmos and the Flame Matchbox shaders ( )

There are some plugins missing in Silhouette, especially “Flame’s Pixel Spread” or Nukes version ( Edge extend ) etc… to push the inner pixels to the edge of a matte, essentially removing ALL edge keying artifacts.

( I recall there is a trick to do this S_DISTORT, but I can’t recall the correct setup to do it.
Anyone know how to set this “pixel spread/edge extend” concept with S_Distort in Silhouette? )


@io1 We currently support the following OFX plug-ins in the Silhouette standalone: RevisionFX plug-ins and Neat Video. Other plug-ins may work, but are not officially qualified. You are welcome to install other OFX plug-ins and try them out. When Silhouette is running as an OFX plug-ins, other OFX plug-ins will not load.

I suggest posting in the Sapphire forum regarding S_Distort. Whatever technique is used with S_Distort in Nuke will be the same as in Silhouette since they are both node based compositors.

Hi Marco, ok wow. did not know. so where on PC do I place the OFX plugins for Silhouette to see them?

C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins

Thanks Marco.